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Used Books: Where To Find Them And Why They’re Such A Charm

downloadThe popularity of purchasing used books seems to be rising with more people opting for cheap books still in good condition. Some say there’s nothing like the smell of new prints and stepping into an upscale store that carries expensive titles. But another half sticks by previously owned books, stating that the amazing deals you can get are enough to fill a small library.

It’s true that purchasing new prints has an appeal but they’re sometimes practically unsound. The amount of wood needed to manufacture paper is staggering even if trees are sourced from sustainable forests. Not every buyer decides to retain every purchased book either which amounts to a waste of money and resources if discarded. The same can’t be said of previously owned books. It’s a form of recycling that makes a big impact on how much money and resources can be saved. Textbooks, in particular, are valuable for students unable to afford new and expensive books. An added invaluable benefit is the notes and points jotted down by previous owners which help future students during tests and examinations. The same used books can also be resold for almost the same price. This is true for educational books like encyclopedias as well.

How to Earn a Living Selling Used Books Online

There are thousands of independent booksellers earning $500 – $5,000 monthly selling used books online. You can too if you learn to apply just a few simple techniques. Almost anyone can earn a living selling used books online by doing five simple things well:

Scout for books daily. List books online daily. Ship sold books daily. Answer customer correspondence daily. Re-price often. That’s all there is to it. Well, almost all there is to it. You still need to master a few details before you start making money online with Internet bookselling. But when you do, it becomes second nature and easy as pie. The eblood of your Internet bookselling business is finding suitable inventory to sell online. To do that you need a scouting routine. Develop a profitable scouting routine by mapping out your book scouting routes in the most efficient manner possible. Efficient scouting also helps you maximize the number and quality of books purchased each day. Every location on your route should be carefully chosen to make the best use of your time and resources. Organizing stops to coincide with when bookshelves are restocked helps greatly. Un returning home from scouting each day, inspect and list your newly acquired books as soon as possible. The faster your books are posted to online marketplaces, the faster they’ll sell. In many cases, some of your books may sell within one to three days. The rest will sell over time. When listing books, make sure you accurately describe their condition. Don’t risk negative feedback by failing to disclose defects. Fully disclosing defects ensure the buyer knows exactly what he or she is purchasing. Aside from giving good value, nothing delights customers more than receiving their purchases in a timely fashion. Always try to ship orders within 24-hours. Marketplace rules typically require shipment within 48-hours anyway. Go the extra mile and ship earlier than required whenever

Nothing frustrates and angers customers more than having their messages ignored. When customers contact you with a question about an order, always answer within 24-hours. Never argue with a customer. Go out of your way to satisfy customer concerns, even if you think they’re being unreasonable. This doesn’t mean you become a doormat for unscrupulous individuals. But rather you should strive to find a way to please customers whenever possible. Nothing kills an Internet bookselling business faster than many angry customers leaving negative feedback!

Some Internet booksellers reprice infrequently to keep prices high. Often, that strategy leads to listings becoming uncompetitive and unsalable. This is especially true if your inventory consists primarily of more common, higher ranked books sold by many sellers. If your inventory primarily consists of rare, out-to-print books, then frequent re-pricing is not advisable. Instead, profit maximization should be your goal.

If your inventory is more common, consider repricing daily, sometimes multiple times per day. Depending on the book and market conditions, lower or raise prices accordingly. Decide in advance how much you’re willing to lower prices. Your limit should be anywhere between 1% – 50% of the current selling price. Placing an upper limit on how much you’ll raise prices is typically unnecessary. Regardless of the re-pricing strategy you adopt, avoid the dreaded “race to the bottom” that’s often triggered by inexperienced booksellers. They vainly attempt to land the very next sale by undercutting the competition by a penny. The problem is inexperienced competitors attempt to do the same thing by promptly dropping their prices too. And the race is on! Each seller tries to undercut the other by a penny until the price is so low that neither of them makes a profit.

Internet bookselling is a fun, profitable business that doesn’t require more than the five steps outlined above. Master those five steps until they become second nature, and your Internet bookselling business will prosper. Exercise good cash management, be consistent with your efforts, and success won’t be far away. Good hunting!

A Guide to Finding the Best Used Books

imagesThere are plenty of good reasons to consider reading books, and whether you are looking to learn a skill or read for the pleasure of good prose there is definitely a lot out there to choose from. Maybe you have been interested in having your own library for quite some time now but you do not really have a lot of money to spend on the purchase of new books. Well, this is not really a problem because these days there is an ever increasing collection of used books out there available for sale, especially since more and more people start moving to digital reading services like the Kindle. If you take the time to look online it is quite likely that you will find online bookstores where you can buy all kinds of great books at very low prices.

When you buy used books for sale there are naturally a few things that might worry you. Of course, you want to make sure that the books you buy are available in perfectly good condition and it is not always easy to know this for certain when you are buying them second hand from an online book store. This is why you should take the time to find a book store that goes out of its way to make sure that only books available in top quality condition are made available for purchase. A good book store like this should not be that difficult to find if you put in the effort.

Probably the best thing about buying used books is that they are a lot cheaper than buying them brand new. In most cases you will find that the used books will be in good condition as well, which is certainly a major bonus. If you take the time to choose good books, then chances are you will find some really interesting titles that might even be rare or impossible to find new at local book stores these days. There are so many benefits to buying used books that it would be a shame for any serious book lover not to spend some time looking for a good online used book store from where to purchase a variety of amazing titles.

Good online book stores will make it very easy for you to find what you want. Chances are the many titles that are being put up for sale will be categorized and neatly organized so that it will be very easy to locate the title of choice just by making a quick search for it. You can also have a lot of fun browsing through the library and seeing if there is any specific title available that really captures your attention. All in all, it is quite easy to grow and expand your home library if you choose to buy your books second hand from a quality online book store. The best thing about it is that it is so cheap to do so you will not have to worry about going broke to support your deep love of books.

Aside from giving good value, nothing delights customers more than receiving their purchases in a timely fashion. Always try to ship orders within 24-hours. Marketplace rules typically require shipment within 48-hours anyway. Go the extra mile and ship earlier than required whenever possible. Hardcover books and heavy books should be given special attention when prepared for shipment. Wrapping them in bubble wrap before inserting them into a mailer or box provides extra protection. Carefully weigh the book and apply the proper amount of postage to avoid postal delays from having the package returned.