Used Book Stores in Desperate Need of Books

This seems hard to believe, but because of the rising prices of gas, food, and the cost of entertainment, used book stores are in need of quality items. Borders has announced that they are changing their in-store marketing from shelving books like a library and are going to face out their books.

When you combine this with the announcement that Borders is up for sale, then you realize the problems major retailers are having.

Why is this? Because more and more people are buying used books. This has put a tremendous strain on the used stores to find more product. Actually, Book Scouts are need to help locate more books for used stores. With proper training anybody can do this.

Book store images 2Not every community is lucky enough to have a Borders or Barns & Noble. Owning a used book store near one of these major chain stores in a tremendous boast for any used store. New books are the future stock of used book stores. The used store actually feeds off Borders and Barns & Noble. With new product being sold, there is a greater circulation of used material that eventually reaches used stores.

Book scouts who buy books and sell to used stores always have a good selection to choose from. Customers know this and will wait for selected books to appear. In some cases this surge of buying at used bookstores produces a more selective and overall better quality of books to choose from. This is because more and more people are bringing books into the stores to sell. The sharp scout racks up a small fortune as they have been trained to buy and sell to used stores for a profit.

Everybody wins. The book scout makes a profit, the book seller has more books and a higher quality of books, and the customer has a better selection of book reading and can purchase far more books the he could at “new” book sellers.

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